Backyard Musings

Good Morning Father. Good Morning Jesus. Good Morning Holy Spirit. It is so good
to rise up in this NEW NOW day in the Kingdom of the King. The patio is so quiet this
morning. Just a few songbirds are singing. The breeze is so gentle you can’t hear
leaves rustling. The sounds of quietness.

Holy Spirit, what is the Father’s voice saying in this quiet place this morning?

The quiet, Karen, is to quiet your living consciousness, to rest, to relax so your DNA is
able to uncompress; for you to just observe how Creation rests from its busyness as
well. The leaves on the bushes and trees hustle and bustle, now still; the birds scurry
about and fly back and forth, now still; the wind even is taking a break from the blowing
and pressing and pushing. All Creation is taking a “created hush” for a few moments. It
is almost as if taking a breath and not wanting to let it out so this “hush” moment can

Karen, you know this “hush” moment CAN last as you breathe in the Breath of the
Father who breathed life into you at your creation and continues to breathe life into you
today. Each breath you breathe is filled with the “hush” moment and every cell of your
body can feel the relaxing dimension of My Breath. Your shoulders relax, your
breathing relaxes, your mind relaxes, your body takes a DEEP breath and you just ARE.

Observe in Creation the stillness and the peace that everything is at. Quietness, calm,
freshness, reinvigorating in the calm and stillness. Life renewed in the stillness. BE

STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM YOUR ABBA FATHER. The hum in your ears is stilled,
the franticness of what you see is stilled, the brain noise is stilled, the constant motion of
your body coming and going is stilled. Feel the tenderness of the casual breeze that
caresses your being with life.

As your thoughts begin to wind up, let the puff of the breeze tumble those thoughts out
of your consciousness and yield them to the Son’s consciousness through the Blood of
the Son. He is your source of Living in the Kingdom of the King moment by moment.

Thank You, Father, for your Voice speaking to me today. I, Karen, receive Your NOW
word and activate it. Karen places it in the pool of Your Body releasing it to all those in
our spheres.