July 18 Heart Garden


Holy Spirit, I am in the backyard today and thinking of how You loved to meet Adam and
Eve in the Garden. It was in the cool of the eve or the dawn of the morning or in the
heat of the day. You and Your Creation met together and communed. Today is cool and
the sun is a bit hazy; it is beautiful this morning to bring my thoughts into alighment with
Yours. Through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and in Your Light, Holy Spirit, what
are Father’s thoughts today?

I do love to meet you in the garden in your backyard. But I have created a garden in
each person’s heart where I can meet with them. This is where Heaven invades earth,
right in the garden of your heart. Yield the garden of your heart to Me and I will meet
you there. You do know though that I dwell within you and your “heart garden” is a
special place where we meet in the solitude where your mind is not interactive, just your
heart. It’s like I dwell in your land, your house, your abode, but you meet Me on your
garden patio. Same thing; I abide in you, but we meet in the garden of your heart.
Come meet with Me today. I am waiting.


Trust is a word that I want to expand for you. Trust in Me and trust in your fellowman

are two different things. I give you a level of trust for human kind so you can begin to

know and experience the trust that I want you to know in Me, however trust in human

kind often leads to disapointment and sorrow because those relationships are not solid

in their trust of Me. Trust in Me is the only lasting foundation that will hold up in all areas

of life; in your relationship with Me, your relationship with others, all life circumstances

including adversities and exuberancies. Trust IS the foundation.

Can you trust with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding; acknowledge

Me in ALL your ways and I will direct your path? No. You cannot do it out of striving or

working at it, trying or hoping. The only way to trust that I am talking about is accessing

the trust of Yeshua, My Son. His trust is what I am talking of. The Blood of Yeshua

erases and sets free your trust container so you are able to activate My Son’s trust in

your container of trust that has been freed and opened up to Me and Me alone. Are you

willing to walk in the trust factor of Yeshua? Are you willing to open up to Yeshua’s trust

within you? All it takes is calling to Me and I will do it! I will do it! I will do it! I will do it!

I will do it! I will do it! Selah.


What is on Your Heart today, Elohiym, Creator of all things?
Breath of God. Breath of Elohiym. Pneuma.

Do you know that My Breath sustains you? Do you know that every breath you breathe
is filled with the pneuma of life in Me? Without Me, there is no breath. There are light
and sound waves of creation in every breath you breathe. You are compatible with Me
in the breathing because of the pneuma that I breathed into Adam. All life began with
the breath. Think about that. Each breath contains Life and in the Life is Light and
where Light is, there is no darkness. Think of each breath lighting up your own
container-every cell vibrates with the Light frequencies. Those frequencies are
compatible with Life, therefore you live eternal Life in your physical body NOW.

Take a breath and live.


What is on Your Heart today, Lord?

Do you know that the breath you breathe in is as real as the breath you breathe out that
you can visibly see on a cold, winter’s day? It is even more real as the breath you
breathe is LIFE breath. You can’t see that breath that you breathe in with your physical
eyes, but behold it with your spiritual eyes. Behold, see the breath you breathe as molecules
filled with Light, My Light; atoms filled with Fire-Light; cells being alive in the fullness of
created Light. You are getting the POWER to live your life from the powered up cells.
Use your LIFE breath to speak into those cells to release the POWER-filled Light of Me
into your life today.


What is your Heart saying today, Abba?

(Dictionary definition-legacy, bequest, endowment, provision, birthright, heritage)

Usually a person has to wait for someone’s death before he/she inherits what is
bestowed on them. That person then begins living life with that investment in their lens
the day they received it. They see themselves differently than the day before when the
inheritance was not yet theirs. Once the inheritance is activated, the person begins
living the inheritance out. Ordinary life takes on a different viewpoint after the
inheritance has been bestowed.

Yeshua, My Son, died for you to inherit eternal life. Why is it you don’t begin living and
viewing life from that inheritance lens NOW? The “church” seems to think they need to
wait until they reach Heaven to live in the inheritance My Son gave His life for.

My intent is that you live your inheritance NOW. Live from the perspective of who you
already are. Live eternally today. Live as if life depended on it, because it does. Your
life, living eternally NOW.


Holy Spirit, You are highlighting the word, “abide” this morning from I John 4:15. “Anyone who confesses (acknowledges, owns) that Jesus is the Son of Elohiym (our Creator), Elohiym, (our Creator) abides (lives, makes His home) in him and he [abides, lives, makes his home in Elohiym (our Creator).”

I know Holy Spirit that you make all things clear to us. So what do you want to say about

Yes, vitally united with Me. You live, dwell, abide in Me. I come to live in you. My Father lives in Me. We are vitally united as one with you. I have made My home in you as you have made your home in Me. You are compatible with Me. You are pruned by My Father to bear much fruit.

That is the fruit that is lasting. Then again you bear much fruit because of abiding in Me. I have loved you, just as the Father has loved Me; abide in My love. Live united with Me. Live vitally united in My love for you.

“I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing.” John 15:11AMP


Holy Spirit, what is on Father’s Heart today?


Yeshua is LIGHT. He is the LIGHT of the world. Yeshua lives in you, therefore you are

LIGHT. Think of yourself as a beam, a lazer light, a pin-prick of light, a meteor shower

of light, a spotlight, a glow-in-the dark light, an intense light. Each of those words

draws a memory of when you have observed a light like that. Today, realize that you

are all of those and even more as you go about your day. You are LIGHT in all of your

spheres. Do not lose sight of your LIGHT as you live in the LIGHT of Yeshua today.


Good Morning, Holy Spirit. What a day to be alive in You and with You! What do you
want to share from Father’s Heart today?

A person can “take a rest” or one can “be at rest”. Both are useful and beneficial to live life. I have called you to do both. You are all pretty good at taking a rest, even though sometimes are easier to get a chance to rest than others.

I am wanting my sons to “be at rest”. This is a “state of being”. This is a place in Me. I lead you beside still waters. I refresh your consciousness and your body. I remind you of who you truly are-your true self. I give you the true food of being in communion with Me as you rest. This isn’t a passive place; it is a place where you live life with the intention of “rest”. This is really a supernatural place of being who you were created to be. It is a place of living Heaven on earth while living in this world. It is a place of connectedness. It is a place of peace even while at times in the midst of swirling

Practice “being at rest” today while you live life.