Holy Spirit, what is on Father’s Heart today?


Yeshua is LIGHT. He is the LIGHT of the world. Yeshua lives in you, therefore you are

LIGHT. Think of yourself as a beam, a lazer light, a pin-prick of light, a meteor shower

of light, a spotlight, a glow-in-the dark light, an intense light. Each of those words

draws a memory of when you have observed a light like that. Today, realize that you

are all of those and even more as you go about your day. You are LIGHT in all of your

spheres. Do not lose sight of your LIGHT as you live in the LIGHT of Yeshua today.

My Father’s Voice

What is on My Father’s Heart today, Holy Spirit?

The Voice of The Father

My Voice is resonant in your DNA. I created you out of the dust of the earth which I created by the sound of My Voice. When I speak, you resonate with the sound and frequencies in every cell of your body. You have been hearing My Voice since before you were created in your material body in your mother’s womb. You are now beginning to awaken to My Voice within you through the Blood of My Son.

Yes, those whispers are Me; those precious thoughts in your mind that make you wonder “is that me or is that You, Lord?” are Me; that Voice at your back, saying “This is the way, walk in it” is My Voice; those gentle ramblings of your mind when given an opportunity to rest are My Voice; those startling “red flags” that pop up when something that is not of Me is presented to you are My Voice”. You are becoming more aware of My Voice than you
Today, Holy Spirit will heighten your awareness as you stay connected to Me in your life while walking through your day. But, you get to choose to stay connected.

Songs to Enjoy

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