July 18 Heart Garden


Holy Spirit, I am in the backyard today and thinking of how You loved to meet Adam and
Eve in the Garden. It was in the cool of the eve or the dawn of the morning or in the
heat of the day. You and Your Creation met together and communed. Today is cool and
the sun is a bit hazy; it is beautiful this morning to bring my thoughts into alighment with
Yours. Through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and in Your Light, Holy Spirit, what
are Father’s thoughts today?

I do love to meet you in the garden in your backyard. But I have created a garden in
each person’s heart where I can meet with them. This is where Heaven invades earth,
right in the garden of your heart. Yield the garden of your heart to Me and I will meet
you there. You do know though that I dwell within you and your “heart garden” is a
special place where we meet in the solitude where your mind is not interactive, just your
heart. It’s like I dwell in your land, your house, your abode, but you meet Me on your
garden patio. Same thing; I abide in you, but we meet in the garden of your heart.
Come meet with Me today. I am waiting.

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